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Best Gin Brands To Look Out For In 2019

Gin – A Good Spirit For the Heart

Historically, in comparison to the other distilled liquors on the market, gin is a relative newcomer. It actually made the scene in the 17th century originally for sale in apothecary stores as a blood cleanser. It did not make it to the taverns until much later.

It was actually invented (if you can use that word) by Dr. Sylvius, a professor of medicine at the Dutch University of Leiden. Dr. Sylvius took the oil of juniper berries and distilled them.

Compared to the other more harsh liquors of the time gin was considerably less expensive and much smoother. The British soldiers campaigning during the Dutch War of Independence discovered it and they brought it back to England. Its popularity grew from there. As a matter of fact, the drink became so popular that by the time of the reign of William of Orange every fourth house in the British Isles actually had become a ginshop.

The drink became so popular that for a time workers in England were actually paid for their labors in gin. Soon afterwards gin peaked and was considered to be a rather glamorous beverage of choice for the rich and famous. By the late 19th century Victorian gin palaces began to spring up. It was from these that gin was introduced to the Americas. From them on it withstood many obstacles. It never fell in popularity after that. Not even the American’s laws on Prohibition could stop the appetite and the thirst for this well known concoction.

How was the popular concoction made? Like other distilled liquors its starts out as a neutral spirit made from a grain mash. Later it is redistilled with juniper berries and other ingredients to enhance the flavor like coriander, bitter almonds, cardamom, cinnamon bark, angelica, and lemon and orange peel. Most of the flavor that is attributed to gin is acquired in this second distillation process.

Top 10 Gins – 2019

1. Old Raj Gin

This is a nice English gin that has the aroma of citrus, cucumber, potpourri, and pine cones all rolled up into one. Its full body has a strong and distinctive flavor. Works well with a Gin and Tonic or with bitters.

2. Tanqueray No. 10 Gin

Another English gin that gives of a citrusy aroma with hints of pineapple, grapefruit, allspice, and pinesap. You will get just a little taste of orange and lemon peel mixed with juniper berries and cassia.

3. Van Gogh Gin

This is a French gin that tastes of lemon grass and orange peel mixed with juniper berries. The citrus flavors are strong and it has a bit of an oily texture.

4. Beefeater London Dry Gin

This traditional British gin has a floral aroma mixed with orange peel and black pepper. The flavors are a mixture of juniper berries and angelica root.

5. G’ Vine Nouaison Gin

This gin actually has a grape base. The floral aroma gives evidence of the cinnamon, citrus peels and juniper berries.

6. Monopolowa Vienna Dry Gin

This is an Austrian made gin with ingredients that include a mixture of caraway, coriander and fennel seeds mixed with ginger roots.

7. North Shore Distillery No. 6

This American made gin is extremely smooth with a combination of various citrus fruit flavors mixed with spieces. The grain based spirit is infused with various botanicals, lemon zest and lavender.

8. Martin Miller’s Gin

This very aromatic gin has an aroma of cucumber, white pepper and lemon zest. A little sweet to the taste with a touch of florals combined with cassia and coriander seeds mixed with the juniper berries.

9. Citadelle Gin

This gin has a particulary licorice and juniper bit with a touch of quinine in the background. Ingredients include cinnamon, coriander and feel seeds infused with the juniper.

10. Zuidam Dry Gin

This gin is flavored with Angelica Root, Cardamom and Coriander seeds and Iris Root. The aroma of dried citrus zest with spieces.

There are many things that we can thank the medical profession for but when it comes to Gin many thanks must go to Dr. Sylvius’s concoction. Of course, there was no possible way that he could have anticipated his simple medicine to clean our blood would also warm our hearts the world over.


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